If you’re looking for the next big crypto opportunity, it has arrived. RedPulse, a China markets intelligence provider, recently launched its own token, RPX. The white paper, upon which the company completed a $15 million ICO (initial coin offering) of RPX on the NEO platform, is unprecedented and brilliant (and at only 31 pages, it is impressively readable). It is quintessentially Conscious Capitalism at its core; an ecosystem driven by rewarding performance, honesty, transparency, and clever collaboration.

The world of banking and investment is all about trust and stewardship.  Yet, judging by the history of the last few decades, you might question that statement. The world’s major fiat currencies have no inflation limits; and the big global banks responsible for the financial crises are still in power and accountable to no one. Here in the US, inflation is the name of the game; it’s hard to imagine how our government could fund itself without the money printer.

Now enter a cryptocurrency purpose-built to democratize content creation and access to information; completely inflation-free; and intentionally designed to remove dependence upon untrusted middlemen banks. Which do you expect to keep its value over the next twenty years?

Of course, nothing is ever guaranteed. Cryptos are still Wild West territory (more like Wild East, as US is a no-mans land thanks to regulatory intensity). That said, I can attest to the fact that RedPulse is a legitimate company run by good people I trust. In other words, more than I can say for any other cryptocurrency.

From the white paper:

Red Pulse intends to employ RPX as a mechanism to fairly and directly incentivize research producers for their works, while providing research consumers with a mechanism to guide research coverage and provide fair compensation.

RPX White Paper

Solution: Sharing Economy for Research

Red Pulse solves these issues by creating a groundbreaking research content platform that simplifies incentives and directly compensates research producers for their valuable insights, while ensuring research consumers can access the research that is most relevant to them. Independent analysts and market commentators can now contribute their ideas and insights on an ad-hoc basis, and be compensated accordingly. RPX is the underlying mechanism used to facilitate this ecosystem, and provides RPX holders with direct participation in the rise of China’s economy.

What Red Pulse Does

Red Pulse is a market intelligence platform covering China’s economy and capital markets. By creating a global community around a common interest, incentivizing participants to produce truly relevant research, and providing technology-enabled analysis tools, Red Pulse seeks to solve the problem that all of us face today: Information Overload.



Disclosure: I am long RPX, along with other crypto currencies.

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