Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

This documentary is a breath of fresh air, one of the few pieces able to express poignance while remaining respectful of all viewpoints. Examining the (lack of) freedom of truth and speech in science, “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” consists primarily of interviews with leading scientists, narrated and led by the intriguingly sloth-like protagonist Ben Stein.

Ben Stein vs. the theory of evolution (Darwinism). 10/10. Perhaps no other basic scientific theory, has such profound (subconscious) implications on the way we see, live and experience life. Are we just piles of molecules, descended from monkeys, devoid of purpose, that magically developed intricate consciousness? Or are we something more meaningful, more mysterious, more deserving of inquiry?

My apologies to the countless people I’ve insulted over the years, defending a theory – evolution – that undoubtedly values dogma over truth and informed discourse. How easy it is to laugh at those who challenge the “scientific consensus”, before we do our own work. Over the course of the documentary, Ben Stein’s reaction reminds me of my own, as I dug deeper into the “obvious facts” of “science” that we’re encouraged to never question. We are fed the simplistic belief that, anyone who challenges evolution, is a “Creationist”, and thus a religious fanatic. That is a convenient way to preclude scientific debate on Intelligent Design. Personally, the idea that “man evolved from apes”, is just as questionable as the statement, “God created the heaven and the earth in 6 days”. To be clear, I am extremely opposed to organized religion, and believe that true spirituality and true science must, and do, coexist in equanimity.

Any time you see someone with a PhD resorting to insults to convey their “scientific” viewpoint, it should be clear that they are conceptually disadvantaged and responding emotionally – and fearfully – rather than logically. In our world today we face no greater imperative than challenging conventional wisdom and the existing ways of thinking.

We must all wake up to the reality that, our foundational views on life – creation, “survival of the fittest” / might makes right, etc – are presented to us in a way that encourages us to pick a side in a tribal, dogmatic battle between “the scientists” and “the religious crazies”. This is the ultimate false dichotomy. In this day and age, it is an honor to be called crazy, or bold; those who live in fear of what others think, are living in a prison of their own making. Each of us has a beautiful brain, and heart, with far greater powers than we’ve been led to believe.

Let’s stop being afraid of being incorrect, being labeled as something negative by the mainstream herd; and instead be courageous in our pursuit of truth, open discourse, and the prevail of wisdom over dogma. Especially on a topic this profound, it’s not about who is right; any certainty is absurd. It is about who is actually looking at the data, from an objective perspective? Sadly, the scientists doing this, as shown in the documentary, are often “expelled” from their careers and research posts, by the universities and institutes that supposedly exist for the sake of intellectual objectivity and integrity.

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