Working in impact investing has improved my hopes for humanity’s ability to transition off its current crash course, towards a generative future that involves peacefully and productively co-existing with each other and the world around us.

Yet, until recently, I couldn’t say that I’d come across any political movement that seemed to genuinely understand the gravity of our current world’s economic / government-financial situation; and at the same time, propose a viable alternative, with plenty of specifics and an action plan.

Then I came across “UBUNTU Contributionism – a Blueprint for Human Prosperity: Exposing the Global Banking Fraud”, by Michael Tellinger (which made it on my list of “most influential books”, a couple posts back).

Now that I’ve finished the book, and spent a several hours listening to some of his lengthy presentations posted on Youtube, I’m excited and confident to share this movement, its ethos, nature, and beautiful vision for the future. Over the last year, this has been a concept that has been gelling in my consciousness, something I could feel growing as a possibility, certainly an “out-there” one, but one that could not be more urgently needed. When I found his book, I found this solution, one that addresses all of the challenging, even disturbing issues that define the world we live in today.

As a finance professional and amateur historian / political philosopher, contributionism resonates deeply with me, as an integrated, historically-informed socioeconomic worldview and real-time approach to creating, building and ushering in a new paradigm of human prosperity from within the broken capitalist system we currently live in. At its heart, Contributionism is about creating self-sustaining, loving, trusting, open and free societies, in which each person, in order to be in a community, must in return contribute 3 hours per week, plus their own desired “Labor of Love” (or passion), involvement (if any), towards the collective good. Here is the Manifesto for their “One Small Town” initiative.

He realizes that this will not happen overnight; rather, it will require a deliberate, cunning utilization of the current financial and government systems; starting grassroots, ground-up local change as a demonstration and validation of the concept; and leverage the growing global movement around it, to build support and initial financial backing / political support.

Contributionism is founded in response to understanding and analysis of the history of money and economics, the building blocks of modern society and capitalism; and at its most fundamental, represents a model for society that is built by the people, for the people, with full respect and acknowledgement of human rights and the imperative of caring for the world we live in. It represents a transition, from our current money-based system, to a “free society,” in which members contribute to the community (or communities) based on their unique talents and abilities, in exchange for support of the community.

It’s easy to think, this is a bit too rosy and peaches; until you realize that this guy has done his homework, x,1,000; and is a genuine, caring, inspiringly intelligent human being, extremely passionate about what he’s doing. His plans for creating the first Contributionist societies, all across the world, as little microcosms to validate and demonstrate the movement, are extremely detailed, open, and inviting collaboration and, of course, contribution from those who resonate with the movement.

From tips on how to deal with the complexities of the US Legal & Justice systems; to a step-by-step guide on how to bring and implement Contributionism in your town or city; to a fascinating selection of historical resources and current events (including references to “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”, by John Perkins, also on my book list), the book is a quick and engaging read.

Nothing but respect for Michael Tellinger, who has no problem discussing any topic pertaining to government, history, or finance, regardless of how taboo it is; if he ever makes it to political office, he will be the realest politician in modern history. Yes, he has certain views that are far out; just remember, (as with dealing with me), when I say some things that sound unbelievable, it is just me exploring a potential opinion, not preaching any sort of “truth”; no topics should be off limits from respectful, objective, logical debate.

I highly recommend watching these two videos. The first one, towards the bottom of the post, is a full two-hour history lesson on the 7,000 year history of the global financial system, from the introduction of money in Mesopotamia, to the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 and the state of global capitalism today. His understanding of the current financial system, and his model for transitioning to a “free” contributionist system is fascinating. The second a is a January 2019 update (see description below), featuring appearances from other political leaders in North America who have run (one successfully) on a campaign platform of Contributionism.

It’s important to note (and this is actually how I discovered Michael Tellinger) – he’s been the victim of several vicious smear campaigns, some of them making absurd claims about him, to taking quotes of his out of context. To be fair, at times he talks about certain theories, in a way that suggests he fully believes them; but he clearly always says, “this is just a theory”. There is no doubt, that the value in his unbiased, no-nonsense assessment of the financial system and its impact upon human productivity, well-being and society in general, far outweighs any of this “out there” views on history. He is the least dogmatic, humble and ego-light political leader I’ve seen in recent video communication, easily. I recommend starting with his actual content (books and videos), focusing on the substance and making the judgments for yourself. In his videos, he talks about his own experiences going through the court system of South Africa, challenging fraudulent loans of the large banks, potentially setting a landmark legal precedent.

And here is his two-hour presentation on the history of money, over the last 7,000 years.

Here’s a google hangout video chat that shows what he’s all about. In it, he ropes in first on the call Travis Duncan, contestant in the recent Mayoral election in Austin, Texas, in which he campaigned on the platform of Contributionism; and then Ron Higgins, Mayor of North Frontenac, Ontario, Canada, who has also run a campaign on the basis of Contributionism.

Here’s a segment from the above clip, that I included here as a shout out to Seattle. I was pleasantly surprised both that a) Michael has been looking for financial backers, and industrial partners, to help him implement Contributionism projects all over the world; and, b) to hear that Seattle, is home to some other investment bankers interested in contributionism, from whom Mr. Tellinger is waiting to receive a proposal for a $20m investment for purposes of creating a “model community”.

From the back of his book:

UBUNTU Contributionism A Blueprint For Human Prosperity The path that brought us here as a species is not only filled with lies and deception of unimaginable proportion, but also with continuous manipulation of the human race that goes back thousands of years – all controlled by money. Michael Tellinger has come full circle since his epic “Slave Species of god” in 2006, by proposing a blueprint for the emancipation of the slave species called humanity. Tellinger exposes the previously misunderstood origins of money and the rise of the royal banking elite that have controlled the world for millennia and continue to do so today through the modern banking families. He points out that money did not evolve from thousands of years of barter and trade, but that it was maliciously introduced to the human race as a tool of absolute control and enslavement. Tellinger makes a strong case that if we do not understand our human origins, we cannot come to terms with why the world is so messed up in the 21st century. He demonstrates that our current situation presents us with a unique opportunity to change the course of our destiny. Michael Tellinger describes how the ancient African philosophy of UBUNTU will allow us to seamlessly move from a divided, money-driven society, to united communities driven by people, their passion for life and their God-given talents. Coming to terms with our enslavement as a species is critical to discovering the path to full enlightenment. UBUNTU Contributionism presents a solid foundation for a new social structure to take us into a new era of true freedom from financial tyranny and real prosperity on every level of human endeavour.

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