Our last post stirred up some strong emotions, so thanks to all of you who reached out. Although we endeavor to examine the uncomfortable facets of our reality; we commit to staying positive, optimistic, and cognizant of the power of our own consciousness.

Our intention for Conscious.Capital is to spread wisdom, love, truth and higher consciousness (i.e. transcending fear & greed); and encourage the leveraging of our social, conscious and financial capital to usher in a new paradigm of human prosperity. The vision, is a world in which humans are fully empowered to realize and embody their highest potential, as conscious individuals intentionally co-creating the reality we experience.

Gary V on the new paradigm. “The most important thing for your company…is your internal culture….We are at the dawn of a new era, in which emotional intelligence, is about to become the single most important trade.”

Yes, we have concerns about the structure of the global financial system, and the incentives it creates. But at the end of the day, it is the PEOPLE – not money – who possess the power of consciousness and the keys to the future.

It strikes us, that truth-seeking entrepreneurs, investors and advisors are some of the most sorely-needed people in the world today. Action – not arguing – will change the world and inspire a new paradigm.

At a time when which doubt, division and disillusionment seem entrenched; we need more risk-taking, results-oriented, authentic, and truthful visionaries to boldly explore and lead new ways of interacting with each other and the world.

To be an entrepreneur, an impresario, is to engage in the multifaceted challenge of creating, selling, implementing and refining a vision that attracts attention and resources. In our economic system, it is the entrepreneurs and business owners with the unique privilege and honor of creating and supporting the (financial) livelihood of employees.

In our complex world, the future will be won by recognizing and embracing the secret depths of our inherent connection to the people around us and the world we live in.

We must rid ourselves of a few blatantly limiting aphorisms, like “nice guys finish last,” and “gotta feel it to believe it.” Nice guys do not finish last, they finish best. You don’t need to feel it to believe it; but often, you need to believe it, in order to feel it (aka the placebo effect). Without faith in each other, faith in the Process, all we are left with is doubt.

SO – May we be clear in our intentions; confident in our abilities; loving in our interactions; and bold in our behaviors.

And remember, just because we explore an idea, does not mean we certainly endorse it; we encourage each individual to refine and use their own skills of intuition and discernment. Only take what is useful. We believe it is more important to openly, objectively and collaboratively examine what we (can) see and have been shown; than to merely believe what we are told.

One Love

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