The birthplace of magical realism, perhaps appropriately, has long held a leadership position among the world’s producers of natural entheogenic substances. Straddling the northern tip of the South American continent, Colombia offers some of the world’s best natural conditions for the production of photosynthetic organisms, from coffee and roses, to coca and cannabis.

However, as the horrors of Pablo Escobar and widespread drug-related death and destruction are still fresh in the memory of Colombians, it is safe to say that drugs, in general, are more frowned upon in the country, compared to say, in the US or in Western Europe.

Thus it is all the more impressive, how far Colombia has come, relative to the rest of the world. Like many states in the US, Colombia has succeeded in legalizing the production and sale of cannabis, by licensed companies, with a focus on exports.

But, unlike almost any other country in the world, Colombia has taken a bold, respectable stance on the subject of individual cultivation for personal use: every citizen of Colombia, is free to grow their own stash, without being subject to any bureaucratic nonsense, up to the healthy boundary of twenty plants per person.

Guaranteeing personal freedom to cultivate and indulge in the magic of one of the oldest crops known to humanity, free from the intrusion of the government and police, up to the reasonable threshold of twenty plants, is a bold and laudable measure indeed.

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