You may have noticed that our namesake “Conscious Capital” was conspicuously missing from my “9 Forms of Capital” post.

I omitted Conscious Capital, Because I consider it a higher order concept; comprises, runs through, and is connected to, each of the nine forms of capital.

The closest related concepts in modern language, might be “qi” (essential life force); “karma”; or, in the parlance of modern science, “quantum interconnectedness.” Conscious Capital is the tangible force generated and directed by the (sub)conscious thoughts, beliefs and perspectives, of human beings.

It is my view – indeed, the inspiration for this blog – that Conscious Capital, is the great secret of humanity; the key with the power to unlock our true and greatest potential.

We have all experienced, benefited from, and suffered as a result of conscious capital, whether we are aware of it or not. Any time it pops up in the mainstream, it is “explained away”, as if the case has been open-and-shut. An example, would be the “Placebo effect”. Why is it that people who are deeply religious, or have faith in God, have been observed to have demonstrably greater capacity and success rates, in terms of recovering from life-threatening major trauma, terminal illness, etc? Why is it that the people who are most confident and optimistic, seem to attract good things – while the most pessimistic, the self-described “unlucky”, seem to attract more strife and suffering?

The notion of manifestation the consciousness is hardly new. But Conscious Capital is far more than a personal visualization or live-improving technique. It is and evident quality that pervades every facet of human life.

For example, let’s look at the topic of “what other people think of us”, as individuals. It is considered wisdom, and good advice, that “that we shouldn’t care what other people think (of us).” And for most of my life, I have believed in this; I’ve been described as different, for often consciously choosing authenticity, over being practical or calculating and strategic. This one difference in life outlook, has been the source of many of the most incredible, beautiful, and magical moments of my life. It has also been a source of great challenges, in my relationships with others and myself, and in the process of operating in our modern capitalist society.

Yet, after spending years of my life exploring this concept, both experientially and intellectually, I have come to realize that it is literally the collective consciousness of humanity – our collective Conscious Capital – that, alongside physical human action (“doing”), that determines how life and events on earth unfold. And because it only requires mental flexibility, focus and time, it is in many ways far more accessible – and powerful – than human action.

This is my thesis: the intentional exploration of this topic, from an experiential, collaborative, objective and non-judgmental standpoint – rather than a “leave-it-to-the-scientists” shoulder shrug – is the missing keystone in the great arc of modern human history.

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