As he walked through the park,
through the trees and the grass,
he saw a beautiful woman
and decided to ask:

“Excuse me,” said the boy,
“I saw you last season.
May I ask who you are,
in case there’s a reason?”

“Of course,” said the woman,
as she gave him a smile,
“You’re precious for asking,
no one has in a while.”

“I’m someone inside you,
the eye of your mind.
And when you move into being,
it’s me you shall find.”

“I’ll show you,” she said,
“Inside you’s a place,
where, no matter what happens,
you’ll always be safe.”

“Is this magic?” The boy asked,
“Can you teach me your ways?
What is it that made you?
The meaning of this game?”

“Well,” she laughed,
“That’s a great deal to discuss.”
“Let’s just say that there’s magic,
in each one of us.”

“Oh really?”
Said the boy, sarcastically.
“So then what is it really,
that brings you to me?”

“Well,” said the woman,
“I’m here to explain,
that we can live with each other,
without taking, or gain.”

“So how,” the boy asked,
“Are we going to live,
if it’s true that life’s purpose,
is to love and to give?”

“It will take some new thinking,
and making mistakes;
but by definition,
we are what it takes.”

“When you look at the world,
and you think what you see;
that is what makes
what is what will Be.”